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my story

I am a father of 8, grandfather of 19 and an advocate of the belief that anything is possible and there are NO LIMITS! I began edfranklin.nolimits as a podcast in February 2021 and it has grown quickly into what it is today. Let's get inspired together and take the world by storm! Let's tell some stories and get back to basics. We all have different desires, and we all need to focus on ourselves before we can help those around us. Simple? Yes! Consistent? Probably not! Join me and create your own life story, not the one you are being sold by the media and 1000 different motivational speakers!

You hold the key.


my philosophy

Everybody has a story and there are usually two versions. The story you tell yourself and the one we tell others. Our past is riddled with both joy and tragedy, success and failure. We need to be careful what we are projecting in life. You can either choose to lift yourself up to incredible heights or remain in a state of living in the past. Let's choose nolimits!

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